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is giving a 



on 11.-13.6.2015. (10:00 - 15:00)

 "TALK THROUGH YOUR BODY" that is to be conducted by the choreographer and teacher Lenka Vagnerová together with the company’s dancers.The workshop is open for advanced and professional dancers, dancing schools students or actors with dancing and movement experience.

 “Dance, as I see it, can fire the imagination of the audience and stir up its emotions. It can setup values and tell what words can’t tell.

For me, understanding my own body through imagination is the building block of training. Thanks to imagination we can discover various movement qualities and principlesin our body, find specific dynamics and, in particular, logic. I have been developing a system for years the aim of which is to reach maximum movement capacity of our body without excessive muscle tension and stress. I want to find out how to achieve physical performance in an “economical” way. Training develops plasticity, musicality, coordination, capacity to react to incentivesand impulses. We learn to listen to our own intuition and perceive our surroundings. All these principles are the more important in partnering where feeling the partner and trusting him totally leads to a perfect harmony. Thanks to understanding physical relations, partnering may become a logical and powerful means of communication. Balance limits, manipulations and risk shift the dance onto a magical level.” Lenka Vagnerová

 The workshop focuseson the application of these principles in various situations and exercises. We will be using our imagination and creative potential for the execution of thegiven tasks. We will focus on the individual and partners´ work, learn fragments from the repertoire of Lenka Vagnerová & Company and search for the possibilities and limits of physical and mental perception of dance. We will be asking ourselves what does dance mean to us, what is so attractive about it, what role does a physical action and dance play when communicating an idea or creating a theatrical situation.

 Venue: Contemporary - prostor pro tanec, o.s., Národní dům na Vinohradech, nám. Míru 820/9, 120 00 Praha 2

The price of the workshop is 2 000 CZK. The price includes a ticket to any performance Lenka Vagnerová & Company until the end of season 2015.

Those interested in the workshop send us your CV to no later than June 9, 2015.