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Premiere 1.11.2017 / La Fabrika Theatre / Prague

Duration: 70 min.


Speed, strength, resilience, strike, endurance, target, fire, good night !

Who says that violence is not the answer ... ?
... and who is stopping me ?

Amazons. A nation of mythical women, warriors whose furious powers and mercilessness have created bizarre stories.

Concept and choreography: Lenka Vagnerová

Coordinator of fighting scenes: Radek Mačák
Music: Tomáš Vychytil
Scenography and costumes: Michal Heriban
Performed by: Fanny Barrouquére, Markéta Frösslová, Simona Machovičová, Barbora Rokoszová, Tomáš Vychytil, Hynek Obst
Light design: Michal Kříž
Sound design: Andrej Jurkovič
Répétiteur: Lucie Krameriusová
Production: Andrea Vagnerová
Producer: Lenka Vagnerová & Company
Graphic design and video: Michal Heriban
Photo: Michal Hančovský

Rehearsed at: STUDIO ALTA, Taneční škola Hes
Project supported by:
Capital City Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Taneční aktuality, La Fabrika, ROBE, FightStuff


THALIA AWARD 2017 nomination for Fanny Barrouquére

   --the best DANCER: Fanny Barrouquére
   --the best CHOREOGRAPHY: Lenka Vagnerová


"Amazones as a symbol of extremist tensions in society, as evidence of easy slipping into ruin when aggression takes hold of lethargy and provocation is a method. The stunning physical theatre is thus reflected by the live theme, and four fantastic performers cast out for the entire Amazonian bloodbath regiment. A sophisticated structure instead of a cathartic dash will make the viewer more amazed. The gradation spectacle, accompanied by ecstatic music (drums, electric guitar, synthesizer - sounds near frightening), works with dynamic choreography and at the conclusion with acrobatics, a theatrical shortcut, the perfect light design and is characterized by great originality."


"A raw, captivating, absorbing, honest theatrical work. I recently said that dance theatre necessarily needs dramaturgists and directors. Lenka Vagnerová is one of the exceptions who does not need this and she can translate exactly what she wants to say on the stage with the means that are the most impressive, while avoiding pathos and kitsch."

"Their arms are strong, their instincts guarded like a cheetah´s  body, sowing death and loving the smell of blood.

It distributes terror and horror, creating a picture of a twisted society of women (but they could also be men) where for nothing else but hunting and fighting instincts there is no room for any emotion."

"The Amazones, that is, the production, are reigning with physical action and visually powerful images. In fact, these are scenes, features, flashes, from which we can, as spectators, create an idea of the coexistence of this fictitious group trained for killing."

"The music is highly stimulating, reminding us that the intense rhythm and volume of the sound naturally boils up to combat as a supportive tool (fighting shouting, chanting, all of which refers to the same). Although we are still separated from the events on the stage and carefully keeping our distance, the sound landscape directs us mercilessly to this terrifying community."

"You will not find a story line in the production, and yet you will not cease to be fascinated by the first to the last of the picture, which is almost alternating with film cuts, they are graduating, they do not stop to surprise (the creation of contemporary dance is sometimes so unpredictable that, for nothing less than this ability to surprise your viewer, thanks are due to Lenka  Vagnerová)."

"Why is this image presented to us? To realize that each community can fall into the extreme inadvertently, and it is always monstrous and malignant. Everyone can find a variety of cases where fanatical enthusiasm has pushed all humanity into the background. This is not a self-serving image of bestiality, it is something that is of immediate concern to us. I accept the message in its entirety, which is perhaps too brutal for somebody but is very effective."


"The exceptionally talented choreographer Vagnerová is currently valued and admired not only on the domestic dance scene, but also abroad. Every work of hers has enormous energy and dynamics."

"Only four performers - dancers dissolve the scene as if they were the entire regiment."

"…from physical combat to artistic performances in the opera are at the edge of the possible…"


"...the Amazones have a much more structured construction. Their storyline and motivational lines are progressing accordingly. In the first two thirds gradually, more linearly, in the final part, to dynamic "film" cuts."

"The great positive of the "Amazones" is - beyond the already mentioned scenario construction - a great sense of a detached view and self-irony."

"Modern theatre should also have a direct provocation in its job description. And if this provocation - as with Lenka Vagnerová - is supported by honest creation, it (almost) impossible to criticize it."

"Tomáš Vychytil's own music is involved in the performance. It has many wavers in it. From monotonous to psychedelic pulsating accompaniment to the provocative Hendrix guitar solo. Despite more specific real-sounding sounds to quieter positions, the legendary blues-rock mogul John Mayall would not be ashamed. In addition, live music shows how musicians can react to dancers and vice versa."

"But the original performance would deserve even more of the best marks."

"The group of Lenka Vagnerová, forms, including the musicians, a single team work. "Company," this time we understand as a single organism, where no one is the preferred soloist, in which each has its exact place in the sunlight of theatre reflectors."

"We are participants in the animal fight of violence and humility. Aggression with inactivity. Dynamics with lethargy. Activities with indifference."

foto: Michal Hančovský