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We are very excited to announce that FANNY BARROUQÉRE was nominated for prestigious THALIA AWARD for her role in the performance AMAZONES choreographed and directed by LENKA VAGNEROVÁ. CONGRATULATIONS FANNY!!!

We are happy to announce that we have received 2 NOMINATIONS for AMAZONES in Opera Plus Audience Award 2017. Fanny Barrouquère - THE BEST DANCER, Lenka Vagnerova - THE BEST CHOREOGRAPHY


GOSSIP / ČT Art /  29.1.2018 ve 20:20  Artu /  here

We are happy to announce that we have received NOMINATION for THE THEATRE NEWSPAPER AWARD for THE LESANY CRIB!


Fotka uživatele Lenka Vagnerová & Company.Fotka uživatele Lenka Vagnerová & Company.Fotka uživatele Lenka Vagnerová & Company.
Fotka uživatele Lenka Vagnerová & Company.



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Lenka Vagnerová & Company 

is giving a 

W O R K S H O P 

17.6. + 18.6. 2017

(10:00 - 16:00 ALTA H 23 / PRAGUE)

The workshop is open for advanced and professional dancers, dancing schools students or actors with dancing and movement experience.

Lector: Andrea Opavská, Michal Heriban, Branislav Bašista

Venue: Studio ALTA / U Výstaviště 21 / 170 00 Prague 7

The price of the workshop is 1 900 CZK. The price includes a ticket to any performance Lenka Vagnerová & Company until the end of season 2017.

Those interested in the workshop send us your CV to no later than June 16, 2016.

RIDERS - DANCE PIECE OF THE YEAR 2013. We play on 13. and 14. of Jun in La Fabrika Theatre Prague!

Fotka uživatele Lenka Vagnerová & Company.


Festival Divadelní svět Brno 2017 

14.5. 2017 / 17:30 Divadlo na Orlí

Fotka uživatele Lenka Vagnerová & Company.

All the shows in one week. 

You are very welcome to see 4 shows of Lenka Vagnerová & Company`s repertoire in one week. 

Last performances of this season in Prague before the summer!

Fotka uživatele Lenka Vagnerová & Company.

REVIEW: "It is not very often that a performance prompts me to stand up during the bows." ROSIE STEBBING ( March 30, 2017, NSCD Blog Editor) here


- THALIA AWARD NOMINATION 2016 for Fanny Barrouquére

- Three Nominations - Opera plus Audience Award 2017:

   --the best DANCER: Fanny Barrouquére, Andrea Opavská
   --the best CHOREOGRAPHY: Lenka Vagnerová

ČT ART THE LEŠANY CRIB - 14.2.  here

THE LEŠANY CRIB - 14.2. 22:45 - ČT ART ! INFO

We are happy to share a BRAND NEW DOCUMENT about LENKA, THE COMPANY and her work on CZECH TV. Directed by ADÉLA SIROTKOVÁ.

document here

GOSSIP 20.2. OD 19:30 in LA FABRIKA
Fotka uživatele Lenka Vagnerová & Company.
We are thrilled to share that FANNY BARROUQUÉRE was nominated in wider nomination for THALIA AWARD for her role in THE LEŠANY CRIB. 


Josef and Marie climb out frm the wire surf, their release however only lasts an instant, when suddenly in front of them expands the mesh across which they cannot pass – this moment brings up associations with emigrants despairingly trying to head across the sea with their children to Europe. 

Lenka Vagnerová has created in Lešanská crib images full of symbolism and associations. Dark sceneries appear before the audience of frenzied dreams and depressing reality. 

A dance geyser whirls forward in a stormy then calm tempo and keeps you in its grip. Light, dark, dancers and things leave behind them darkening shadows, becoming an essential part of the visually thrilling images which Vagnerová knows how to capture in the minutest detail. It seems that in Lešanská crib nothing is a work of chance.  


“A work has appeared so imaginative and complex and of such ingenuity that a single viewing is not sufficient for the audience to absorb all its many features.”   

“The production is comprised of so many visually striking images, it actually evokes instead a work of fine art. As is now typical of Lenka Vagnerová’s works, scenes transform their dynamic and we await very energetic outputs, alternating lyrical scenes, but also comic ones.

“The symbols accumulate, intertwine. No subject is only on the stage as itself. ”    

“The music of Ivan Acher also adds to the great diversity. Creaking noises resembling frozen doorposts and the feel of the wind on the bare plains are alternated by accordion or cheerful Italian song, there are sounds of strings and harmonium, the music includes minimalism and a dramatically swollen area. ” 
“Many scenes stay in the memory, a French dancer above all due to her fragility, thanks to which she also becomes the ideal dance partner, who seems ethereal in the man’s hands.”
“There is an enormous amount that is hidden in this production.” 
“The production gradually draws the viewer into another world and as good theatre it arouses actual emotions, feelings of insecurity and fear, but also laughter.” 
(OPERA PLUS / LUCIE KOCOURKOVÁ / 4.11.2016 / 100 %)

“The new work from our most talented choreographer Lenka Vagnerová”   “Her feeling is dramatic, dynamic, emotional.”    

As well as dance she has placed realistic moments in the production text which make the dance expression credible. Conjoining with the lyrics by Hrubín is the theme of pain and terror of the mother, whose child is in mortal danger -  whose child is in crisis. In the text and the dance this danger is expressed by the idea (phobia) of Herod’s  soldier.  
The glass ball in the middle of a Caravaggio shadowland evokes a Christian symbolism. 
“The marvellous subject of Mary in the world, so frequent in old sculpture and painting, in this production comes physically to life. It is a brilliant metaphor. If any audience were to miss this it would be a tragedy, it’s a great metaphor! ”  

“The hour-long production is literally filled with choreographic and theatrical ideas.”  
Choreographically and directorially the entire production is beyond criticism. The music and lighting design enforce the appropriate emotions and emphasise the historical link.   

“The dynamic of the production has a very broad context, fragility meets the desire to destroy so that it immediately returns strengthened by the determination to preserve life, a determination powered by love for the being that is only waiting for its great entrance into life.”   

open class :

19.10., 20.10., 21.10. CANCELED

24.10. 10:00 - 11:30 ALTA H23 Nataša Novotná

25.10. 10:00 - 11:30 ALTA H30 Nataša Novotná

Lenka Vagnerová & Company

invites you to the open class 2016 in to the Studio ALTA, info here


MAH HUNT - 22.5.2016 / 20:00 / PONEC

Karolina Plicková, World andTheatre

Vagnerová’s Gossip, whose English title is close toincantation and upon being spoken hisses unpleasantly in a serpentine way, is achangeable, lively and moving dance huddle, which can induce nausea as in atrip on a roller coaster. It is speculated how an outsider can become anaggressor, while still retaining lightness, wit and anunforced street zest. It combines dance, kinetic, puppet and dramatic theatrein a complex, almost total form, which with the minimum of scenographic aidscreates images so imaginative that we can have the feeling as if we weresitting in the cinema with 3-D glasses over our eyes – obviously with theadvantage that we are witnessing the energy of live dancers. Everyone gives anoutstanding performance: they are inscrutable and dangerous, they have to bealways on their guard, because a potential attacker might ambush at any time. 

GOSSIP on 19.5. and 20.5. 19:30 La Fabrika

GOSSIP on 24.4. 19:30 La Fabrika


Olga Fraitová (member of the spectator jury): GOSSIP is dance theatre par excellence and definitely a standout for the Platform’s Spectator Jury. As always with Lenka Vágnerová, it is pure joy to watch dancers who get under her choreographic control. Andrea Opavská’s reputation is without question, in this case her entourage is made of fresh charismatic faces lead by the contortionist Fanny Barrouquére. Lenka Vágnerová turned director, she has produced a theatre form, a jigsaw that perfectly falls into place, including Ivan Acher’s music and Jakub Kopecký’s set designs. Its poetics reminds me of Peeping Tom. Visually flawless, tiny little cruel in the undercurrents. 

Nina Vangeli visit New York last Year. We are bringing transcipt of her Master Lecture about Czech Dance.  "Dance in the region between the vampire and the werewolf"

- Four NOMINATIONS for GOSSIP in Opera Plus Audience Award 2016 - the best dancer, best choreography. We are happy. You can vote for Fanny Barroquére, Andrea Opavská, Ivo Sedláček and Lenka Vagnerová here 

- Another NOMINATION - TALENT OF THE YEAR 2015 for Ivo Sedláček in magazin Svět a divadlo. CONGRATULATION!

- Two THALIA AWARD NOMINATIONS for ANDREA OPAVSKÁ and IVO SEDLÁČEK for the performance GOSSIP. We are so happy, congratulations! 

Next shows on 22. and 23. March in La Fabrika 


WORKSHOP Lenka Vagnerova & Company

Andrea Opavska a Fanny Barrouquére 

18. a 19.12.2015 info

WORKSHOP Lenky Vagnerové a Branislava Bašisty 

28. a 29.11.2015

info here

Premiere  GOSSIP on November 24th 2015 

Information and photos here.


Lenka Vagnerová & Company invites you to the open class in to the Studio ALTA

Rezervation via email, open class fee is 100 Kč.

Open classes are held in the terms below. The duration is 90 minutes.

November 2015 terms will be added...